‘This is the correct way to highlight’, say Arcancil Experts.

Arcancil experts are giving us the perfect guideline to apply highlighter in the right way. Don’t you know that a slight difference may make drastic changes in our makeup look and can even ruin the whole look?

“To shine until the end of the night, apply the powder on the areas of the face that are the most exposed to the light and that naturally captures it to reflect the light and enhance your features”.

Ok. Come on. Let’s check the details. As mentioned in the image, highlighter should be applied to 6 areas. Forehead, Browbones, Cheekbones, Bridge of the nose, Cupid’s bow, and Chin.

Forehead– It will help to accentuate forehead and it gives a dimension to the face.

Browbones– Highlighting browbones will help to give a lively look for the eyes.

Cheekbones– Highlighting cheekbones will bring it out giving a slim look.

Bridge of the Nose– This gives a straight appearance to your nose. If you have a round or small nose, highlighting will help to enhance it.

Cupid’s bow– Highlighting cupid’s bow will help to give a shape to your lips, making it look big.

Chin– This is to accentuate your chin and to make your lips bigger. It also defines your face shape.

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