Are you choosing the right perfume?

Perfume shopping is not a piece of cake for everyone. Some may find it easy, but for some, it’s a complicated task.

Statistics say that most people buy perfume for themselves. There are some rules, smart people follow to choose the right fragrance for them.

Rule 1: Choose it yourself
It’s better to choose the perfume oneself because it’s purely subjective. It’s such an embarrassing thing to get the wrong perfume after spending a lot on it.

Rule 2: Choose only authentic ones
Never ever go for the first copy or alternative ones while choosing perfumes. Remeber you are applying it directly on your skin. It can cause even serious side effects if the content quality is not good.

Rule 3: Try, try and try testers
Walk into a good perfume shop, definitely, they will have testers there. Try testers but please… only one at a time, or how you’re gonna know which one smells good?

Rule 3: Don’t buy immediately
While walking through malls or checking perfume shops, we all will get opportunities to try testers. Try it, smell and leave. Do some shopping, have a coffee, spend some time outside and check if the smell is lasting. If it is giving you a bad headache, or does it itch on your skin top. There all are so important.

Rule 4: Wait for your chance
Do not hurry. Once you choose the brand and perfume, give it a time. Keep on checking their offers. Subscribe to notifications or newsletters if they have that service. You might catch a cool offer on that.

Follow these rule, grab that dream piece of fragrance, and enjoy it.

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