5 things to know about Face Powders.

A brief guide to choosing the right face powders

While browsing an online cosmetic page or walking through the face powder section in a cosmetic store, we have come across different varieties of face powders. Different brands, functions and results. Are you sure you have the right knowledge of face powders? Are you simply believing what the store person explains you and splurging on it? You are ought to know what your face exactly needs. Basically, there are 5 things to know about face powders. Setting powder, Finishing powder, Translucent powder, Yellow powder, Brown powder.

Making it pretty simple, we can classify face powders are setting powders and finishing powders. Let’s look what the contribution of each of these.

Setting powder: Once the different layers of liquid, creamy, or any other (let it be of any form) cosmetics are applied, we need to make sure that it stays at its assigned place without moving or spreading. That’s the role assigned to setting powder. It sets the makeup without moving and smudging or spending to other areas. Usually, most people apply setting powder with large brushes, and some use sponges. However, pro-MUAs recommend using a powder puff to apply it, rather than a brush or sponge.

Finishing Powder: As the name says, it’s the powder that’s applied at the end to give an even, smooth and finishing look. Never expect it to do the setting job. Finishing powders are usually used on the top of setting powder. They help to give a fine and beautiful finish. According to pro-MUAs, a big fluffy brush is best for applying finishing powder, to give a swipe all over the face and neck.

There are some powders that do both jobs together.

Now, what shade to choose!

Translucent Powder: are the powders that make zero changes to the total makeup look. Because, though they look white in colour they are translucent after application. In fact, most setting powders claim to be translucent,

Yellow Powder: is a shade preferred by the girls with brown skin tone. It gives a warm and live look to their skin.

Brown Powders: can be chosen if you feel like the translucent and yellow powders leave powdery coverage on your makeup giving an unnatural look. This shade also is chosen highly by girls with brown or dark skin. However, some may use it to leave a subtle hint of contouring.


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