Do this makeup tips to make yourself look younger.

It’s a fact that bad hair and old face days visit us so frequently spoiling our entire mood and the day. After a late night out or sleepless nights, it’s so obvious that we’re gonna spend more time in front of the mirror fixing that old looking factors, concealing over and over.

Let’s discuss some tips that gonna fetch back those old days’ young-youthfulness. It may take just a few more minutes with your regular makeup routine.

Go easy with the foundation

Sometimes a simple foundation is all you need to fix your look. If you use it correctly it can cover up blemishes, pigmentations and dullness. However many people overuse it making a crucial cakey mistake. Remember to choose the right shade for your skin tone and to go light while applying. Remember when you started getting lines on the face, shift to cream foundations. Cream adds hydration to skin leaving it young.

Be friendly with concealer

Concealer has the magic power to make imperfections perfect. It gives an instant age shift. Cover yours under eye darknesses and small skin imperfections with a concealer of your choice. Make sure to put multiple layers to cover the imperfections. Another tip is you can use a powder concealer to prevent creasing or to avoid a cakey look.

Add a little orange for Dark Circles

Orange Color! On Face!
Don’t get scared. Believe us it gonna really work. You may have seen in youtube that some bloggers using orange shades under their eyes to conceal. A little orange under the concealer is the best way to go

Let’s talk about brows

As we become older, our eyebrows can become a less attractive feature of ours, losing the hair, and regrowing less hair or sometimes losing the darkness of eyebrows. Sometimes it can also become non-existent. So adding back a little shape can help to frame your face.

Get those sexy lashes

Just think about all those people who have long thick lashes. You will be noticing their eyes at first right? Eyelashes play a vital role in defining your age. But our lashes grow thinner as we grow old. Feel free to add some extra coats of mascara that gonna give you an instant youthful look. If you feel like you have less count of lashes don’t hesitate to add some extra fake lashes.

Focus on your skin

No coverages and additions will help unless your skin is in a good condition. It should at least be in a nourished and moisturised condition. But we all know taking care of skin is not a simple task. Regardless of your age, cleanse your skin twice in a day and exfoliate it few times a week. For a quick09p repairing of your skin, use primers before foundation and concealer, that will tactically hide the unevenness. Good primers will even fill your facial pores and scars leaving a smooth skin for the foundation.

Lastly, the most important thing to look younger is to feel younger. Feel good about yourself and you’re skin will give a glowing feedback

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